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How much would it cost for £200000 life cover for 20 years - I'm 56 at the moment

by yvonne2013 26 January 2013  |  Comments 2 comments  |  Love Love  0 loves

I have good health - no medical problems and have never had any operations or ongoing health issues and am not on any medication. Barring accidents there's a pretty good chance I'll live for the next 20 years!


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Comments (2)

  • MikeGG1
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    MikeGG1 posted

    Try going onto a few life company websites to get an online quote.

    Alternatively, try Love Money on the link at the bottom of the page.

    Unfortunately, the cost for women has risen since the EC Directive came in last month.


    Posted on 26 January 2013 | Love Love  0 loves Report
  • rachel@abcfinancial
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    rachel@abcfinancial posted


    rachel@abcfinancial posted

    Hi there

    As Mike says you can go on line and obtain quotes from life companies, but you can also go onto comparison websites like moneysupermarket and compare the market to get comparison quotes from various companies.

    However, most life companies will only offer life cover to age 70, so if you wanted cover to age 76 you would need to look at another type of policy, whole of life. This is something you can discuss with an Indepenent Finanical Adviser.

    Also as Mike says the cost of protecting us women has risen since the EC Directive came into effect on 21/12/2012.

    Good luck with your search

    Rachel@ABC Financial Services (Essex) Ltd

    Posted on 04 February 2013 | Love Love  0 loves Report

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