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Bank of Ireland UK Base Rate tracker mortgage customers hit by rate rise

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Borrowers with a Base Rate tracker mortgage from either Bank of Ireland UK or Bristol & West will see their repayments increase from May.

Customers with Base Rate tracker mortgages with Bank of Ireland UK and its subsidiary Bristol & West are to see the cost of their monthly repayments dramatically increase. This is despite the Bank of England Base Rate, which the mortgages are partly tied to, remaining at 0.5% for the past four years.

However, the lenders can increase the so-called ‘top-up’ interest rate on these mortgages, and that’s what they’ve done.

The rate for residential customers, who own just their own home, will rise from Base Rate plus 1.75% now to Base Rate plus 2.49% from 1st May. It will then increase again to Base Rate plus 3.99% from 1st October.

Meanwhile, buy-to-let customers will see their rate increased to Base Rate plus 4.49% from 1st May from its current Base Rate plus 1.75%.

Bank of Ireland estimates that 13,500 customers will be affected by the changes. More than half of that number has a buy-to-let mortgage.

The bank is blaming both Government requirements for banks to hold more capital in reserve and an increased cost of borrowing to fund mortgages for the decision.

However, it says it will waive early repayment charges if customers switch to another lender.

People with mortgages from the Post Office, which are also operated by Bank of Ireland, are unaffected by today’s announcement.

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