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How to cut your insurance, phone, broadband, water and TV bills, and save thousands of pounds a year!

Cut your mobile phone bill

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Change your plan
Are you nearing the end of your contract? If so, you're in a very strong position to negotiate a better deal with your existing provider.

Hunt down the best deal on the market and ask your provider to beat it. If it doesn't, threaten to leave. The chances are you'll be swiftly referred to someone whose sole purpose is to retain your business. Then haggle like mad!

Make your existing plan work for you
It's worth scrutinising your bills to make sure you're getting the most out of those free minutes and texts. If you regularly exceed your calls limit, but don't use all of your texts, why not start texting people instead of calling them!

Switch to SIM only

If you’re quite happy with the handset you already have, consider a SIM-only deal. Not only will you avoid tying yourself into a lengthy contract - most SIM-only deals are operated on a 30-day rolling contract - but you’ll often get loads of free minutes and texts for your money.

SIM-only tariffs can be much cheaper than deals on a long contract. What’s more, if you find a better deal elsewhere you can sign up without incurring any nasty penalties from your SIM-only provider. But, on the downside, these deals mean no fancy handset upgrades later on.

Use giffgaff

If you are more than happy with your existing phone, but fancy spending a bit less on your contract, then take a look at giffgaff.

Giffgaff employs a real community ethos. For example, rather than having to deal with technical support lines, if you have an issue with your phone, the users on giffgaff’s community pages can help out. They are then rewarded with points which go towards cheaper bills for them!

What’s more, the users themselves play a part in the design of the tariffs and bundles giffgaff offers. And those bundles are seriously competitive – for £15 a month you can get 300 free minutes, and unlimited text messages and data use.

Free talk on the internet
If you've got broadband, you can use Skype software to phone over the internet for free. In a nutshell, Skype users can call each other for nothing, and connect to 'normal' phones for a small charge.

For a clearer understanding of all the technological nitty-gritty, read Make Free Calls Through Your Computer.

Make money from your old mobile
Do you have several old mobiles lying around gathering dust? You could turn them into the cold hard cash you need to pay your phone bill.

There are now several online companies keen to pay you for your old phone. You could also swap it for shopping vouchers, or sell it yourself on Amazon or eBay.

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