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Find out how to cut the cost of your mortgage by hundreds of pounds a month and become mortgage-free years earlier.

Get the best deal

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Shop around
Doing your research before signing up for a mortgage can save you a fortune. Make sure you compare the whole of the market before signing up for a mortgage.

Whatever you do, don’t just go straight to whichever bank you have your current account with – you could end up paying thousands of pounds more than you need to, for longer than you need to, by not shopping around.

Get free advice
There are plenty of mortgage brokers out there that are happy to offer you free mortgage advice. They may also have access to exclusive deals that you cannot get your hands on direct.

But always make sure that your broker is whole of market, and does not just deal with a panel of lenders, as they may not be able to get you the best mortgage for your needs.

Sort out your credit rating
Post credit crunch, it’s tough to get a decent mortgage without a great credit rating. So before you apply for a new mortgage, check your credit report. There are a host of things you can do to improve your credit rating, including ensuring you are registered to vote at your present address. Be sure to read How to improve your credit rating.

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