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How-to Guides » Avoid scams and rip-offs

Worried about getting caught out by a scam or rip-off? Find out how to protect yourself.

Be careful with your personal details

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Be careful what you give away

Banks and other financial institutions will never email you to ask you for your login details or personal security details so don’t hand them over.

Only divulge your card details in a telephone transaction when you have instigated the call and you are familiar with the company.

Guard your cards

When paying in a shop or restaurant, don’t let your credit card or debit card be taken out of sight. Always cover your PIN when entering it into a card reader in a shop or at an ATM. That way you’ll shield it from prying eyes and hidden cameras. And don’t put too many cards in your wallet – try to keep them separate.

Shred your documents

Make sure you shred all documents that show your name and address. This includes bank statements, letters from your doctor and utility bills. It’s also a good idea to shred receipts.

Use social networking sites carefully

If you use social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, make sure your privacy settings are as high as possible and limit the information you publish on these sites. Avoid publishing your address, phone number and full date of birth and don’t advertise when you’re off on holiday.

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    UKOK.FR.GD said

    Be very careful with UK banks and credit cards. In the UK there is no limit on the interest rate charged. Some places charge 3000 percent or more (yes three thousand percent) even if they show a lower apr etc. WATCH OUT. The best advice is to avoid debt completely. Just have a basic bank account and be happy with NO DEBT. Save money and do not borrow. Save in an ISA book account so you can always see your balance and get it updated at a local branch. Nationwide and Skipton offer these book accounts. BUT beware they will try to sell you a credit account so always remember to refuse any credit search or loan and SAVE for your now home or holiday and BE HAPPY ! When applying for a loan use someone you can trust like the RMT credit union or a credit union from your trade union or community group.

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  • mandinka
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    mandinka said

    several times i,ve had emails from africans who say their father,s have been in a plane crash and their uncle has gone off with all the money ,except they,ve found a bank account that they need help with to get the money out of africa ,and of course you,ll be given so many thousands of euro,s for your help ,this is known as a 419 or 491 scam ,i always reply to these scam merchants by telling them i will be passing their email onto the serious fraud squad who will investigate the scam and then prosecute and jail them for a long time esp in africa the prisons are not like hotels as in britain ,so i rarely hear back from them after that .

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  • MattD
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    MattD said

    Hi All,

    Happy to have found this article so as to provide warning to anyone dealing with the so called 'loyalty company' called Complete Savings. It was a year ago when I went onto book a Premier Inn room and this website appeared and offered a savings of £20 off next time a book.

    Why not, as it helps to keep prepared. So I entered in my details thinking i would get notification of a membership etc. Did not hear a thing from them until exactly 1 year later when they asked me to renew, only to find out they had been taking £10 a month for the last 12 months from my credit card!!!!!

    What I fool I have been for not having recognized this charge, but I feel even more upset to have been RIPPED OFF! Interestingly enough, when you google them, other big organisations like The Trainline and Pizza Hut are all aware of this scam. Trainline have even dedicated a page to answer Q&A from disgruntled victims that complain.

    This is such an unethical method of ripping people off and surely there should be some illegal element to their activity... to hard for me to chase this as they are a registered company in Switzerland ripping off UK customers......Terrible.

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  • oldhenry
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    oldhenry said

    I like the comment about an 'unethical way' to rip you off. What is an ethical way then?

    A rip-off is a rip-off. You pay and get nothing or something you do not need or require . The worse cases are the continuous credit cards payments where an organistion will sign up for a payment but they assume it is for ever but you assume it is once!

    Of course the MattD person mut have given their number to an organisation and then never looked at his/her credit card for a year. Not the way to run you affairs though.

    In the UK today I reckon that 'spivery' is the leading profession and backed by the government as the way forward to balance teh economy. I include in that all cold phone calls, junk mail and endless pop-up ads on the web. Never click anything and never buy anything thaty ou have not researched fully beforehand.

    Report on 04 October 2013  |  Love thisLove  0 love

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