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Bug report - no reply

by blackburne  |  29 January 2013  |  Comments 2 comments  |  Love Love  0 loves

I've been waiting since 19th January for a reply to my thread. I have now been unable to log in for about 2 weeks. It's a shame because when it works love money is perfect for my needs.

I guess I'll be looking elsewhere


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  • grinder
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    grinder posted

    Me too. Seems customer support is now non-existent and I don't want to trust my banking details with a company that treats its users like this

    Posted on 12 March 2013 | Love Love  0 loves Report
  • James U
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    James U posted

    Dear blackburne,

    All customer queries that come into our customer services portal are looked into and responded to. Based on your information on this post (blackburne and linked to your account) we’ve not been able to find any contact from you.

    So that we can help identify and deal with your problem can you please email us at with the email address you originally contacted us from? Please make sure you also reference your username “blackburne” so that we know the query relates to this post.

    Please note that forums are not actively monitored or moderated but are a place for users to talk amongst each other and share tips. We do regularly review them for feature requests and trends but we do not respond to all posts. For all individual issues please make sure you email us at or submit a ticket via our helpdesk

    Thank you

    Posted on 14 March 2013 | Love Love  0 loves Report

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