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Money Dashboard launch open beta

Grace Carroll
by Lovemoney Staff Grace Carroll on 13 May 2010  |  Comments 2 comments

lovemoney welcome Money Dashboard to the PFM playground! Find out why...

More progress has been made in the world of Personal Finance Management. Another UK account aggregation provider, Money Dashboard, has launched its open beta. Like, Money Dashboard strives to save you time and effort by gathering all online banking accounts in one place.

At lovemoney, we are pleased to welcome Money Dashboard to the market. I think it is important to encourage competition as it acts as a catalyst for greater growth and development, resulting in a better overall user experience.

It’s especially encouraging to see that people are eager to test drive account aggregation. Already feedback is flooding in on Money Dashboard’s money management tool. You can view users’ comments on Tech Crunch. Also, nice to see that lovemoney received so many positive mentions!

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Comments (2)

  • nedbaker
    Love rating 1
    nedbaker said

    what a beast; moneydashboard is seriously beta, the Silverlight implementation is incredibly slow and buggy (buttons not working, locking up the rest of my browser)

    Report on 14 May 2010  |  Love thisLove  0 loves
  • abhimanyu.yadav
    Love rating 0
    abhimanyu.yadav said

    i hate the annoying yellow box on the dashboard front page that you can't get rid of...! waste of my computer screen real estate.. i know how to find a help page you know!

    Report on 07 August 2011  |  Love thisLove  0 loves

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